We are constantly working on supplying dealers with the best market rates available across the states.  Email us today to purchase or sell your wholesale quantities through cash, check or via paypal. 

Email our wholesale deptartment today at:  Sales@iTradezLLC.com

Our product quality is very high. So high in fact, we provide a 30-day warranty for our devices, moving our entire reputation and business forward. iTradez has become affiliated with many large wholesale companies and constantly working on providing the best rates on devices for you. 





We offer top prices for new, used or broken devices. Bring in your device today to one of our locations to receive the best cash value of your device. For wholesalers, we provide the best prices available in the market. ​

At iTradez, we're continually finding the best market prices to pay out to you.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT  + 1 (856) 723-7075

CUSTOMER SUPPORT  + 1 (856) 723-7075

There are leaders, and then there's everyone else. At iTradez, we take immense pride in driving the repairs industry standards forward, focusing on repairs efficiency, quality, and safety.

We provide a 30-day warranty on all repair services provided.